Handmade Battle Ready Clay Tempered T10 Steel Blade Sword katana Full Tang Blade


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Regional Feature:China;
Brand Name:NoEnName_Null;
Style:Japan Style;
Blade Material::Clay Tempered T10 Steel Choji hamon;
Blade Edge::Hand Polished Be razor sharp;
Handle Material::Genuine Ray Skin + Hard Wooden;
Tsuba Material: :High Quality iron;
Condition: :Brand-New;
Style::Japanese samurai katana sword;


Items Description: 

Condition: Brand-New
Overall Length: 40.9 Inch /104 Cm
Blade Material: Clay Tempered T10 Steel Choji hamon        
Nagasa Length: 28.0inch/71cm
Handle Length: 10.6 Inch / 27 Cm
Blade Edge: Hand Polished Be razor sharp
Handle Material: Genuine Ray Skin + Hard Wooden
Blade Width (Near Kissaki): 0.91inch / 2.3cm
Width (Near Habaki): 1.26 Inch / 3.2Cm
Tsuba Material: High Quality iron
Saya Material: Hard Wooden With Lacquer Work Finished
Kissaki Shape: Chu-kissaki

Blade Making process:

1. The balde was made of T10 steel in Maru structure,The blade was Fully hand forged,hand shaping,hand polishing in the most traditional method of sword making.
2.A special clay was applied on the blade to control the rate at which the blades cools when quenced after grinding(rough finishing).The clay ensures carbon does not simply escape during this process.What’s more,we are Applying different thicknesses of clay to the edge and spine(back) of the blade respectively(Differential hardening),a beautiful real hamon was appeared on the balde result of Differential hardening.
3.The blade was well heat treating (Refining) and quenching(Tempering) greatly improve the hardness and flexibility of the balde for real use.
4,The Hamon Is Done In The Same Process As The Traditional Method. Harden The Edge Is By Using The Special Clay Wrapping The Blade Then Put In Water To Quench. It Requires A Lot Of Skills. The Fire Temperature Can Not Be Too High Or Too Low It Needs To Be Well Controlled By The Sword Smith. The Blade Is Then Put Into Water For Quenching. The Blade Shape Is Done This Process Creates Beautiful Hamon Hada And Martensite (Grains) On The Blade Surface. Clay To Protect The Edge And Quenched In Water To Temper The Mune Or Spine Of The Sword. The Hardness Of The Carbon Steel Measures At An Impressive HRC On The Rockwell Scale. The Perfect Combination Of The Hardness Of The Edge Steel, And The Increased Sori (Curvature Of The Blade), Enables This High Quality Blade To Easily Cut Through Tatami Straw Mats Or Bamboo For Tameshigiri.
5..The blade has been Fully hand polished with more than 15 process hand sharpening work in the most traditional Japanese craftmanship way.It is strong enough for the bamboo cutting.


1.Tsuka(Sword handle) 
The Tsuka is made of high quality wood wrapped with genuine ray skin(Samegawa), and tightly tied with imported japanese leather ITO.Two Mekugi (peg) was nailed to secure the full tang of the sword,the sword can be disassembled by picking up the two Mekugi (peg).
2.Tsuba sets(sword Guard) 
The Tsuba (guard), Fuchi (sleeve) and Kashira (buttcap) are made of high quality iron with exquisite workmanship and fine elaboration.The tsuba is Secured by Two Copper Seppas (Spacer),The Fuchi (sleeve) and Kashira (buttcap) are made well match the tsuka for a good balance.
The habaki(blade collar) and the seppas (Spacer) are made of high quality brass 

A free&random sword bag comes with the sword
The display stand is NOT included 


High Quality Alloy Tsuba

Free for Choosing to replace this sword’s Tsuba(k01- k23)


Iron Tsuba
    (Free for Choosing to replace this sword’s Tsuba)     




High quality Brass Tsuba

( Extra $45 for choosing to replace this sword’s Tsuba)



(Habaki 1# to Habaki 3# are free for chooing.Habaki 4# cost extra $10.Habaki 5# to Habaki 10# cost extra $25.Habaki 11# cost extra $70.)


(Free for Choosing to replace this sword’s ito )



(Free for Choosing to replace this sword’s Sageo)


(Free for choosing to replace this sword’s saya )



(SY-19# to SY-20# cost extra $15.SY-21# TO SY-26 cost extra $40.SY-27 to SY-39 cost extra $48.SY-40# to SY-42# cost extra $160)



1.We can engrave on the blade and the saya as to your requirements.

2.Laser engraving cost $10,Etching engarving cost $20.

3.Saya hand engarvings cost $20.

4.It takes 1-2 days more for laser engraving while 3-4 days more for etch engraving and Saya hand engravings.



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